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Blog: Saturday, June 24th, 2017

Mrs. Iftody's Blog - Sleep Over at Ten-Boeck

By Bonnie Iftody

"Good night, Mrs. Iftody… That's something I never thought I would say to my principal…ever," said Tristan with a laugh.

That was one of my highlights to last night's sleepover.  The PAC told me about the Grade 5 Grad Sleep Over in my first couple months at Ten-Broeck. I think they saw my eyes grow 3 times their normal size. I haven't spent 24 hours with my students since I was a classroom teacher many years ago. As a classroom teacher, I spent every day with my students and built strong relationships with them, most of whom I taught for two years because I taught a 6/7 class.  Camp was the highlight of the year. Those are some of my fondest memories of teaching.  But… I am a tad bit older now, and I hadn't the same amount of time to bond with these students so I was initially a bit apprehensive. Well my apprehension was all for naught!
I am so grateful that the PAC  created this tradition at our school for the grade 5 students. What an incredible event. It exceeded my expectations! The PAC ran it like a professionally organized event and were so gracious with their time and energy. Most of the parents that helped out didn't even have a child in grade 5; they just appreciated the value of the event, knowing that one day their child might be able to participate.
The kids were fantastic!  They played hard and formed closer friendships that they can carry forward into middle school. I heard thank you spoken often, I saw smiles on faces I rarely see smiles, I smelled popcorn wafting in the stale gym air, I tasted yummy tacos, and I felt incredible joy. It would be interesting to know what others heard, saw, smelled, tasted, and felt.  Feel free to comment!
Thank you to the school community for raising such wonderful children that I have the awesome privilege of sharing my days with!

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