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News: Monday, May 1st, 2017

Run for Water Assembly

Today we had our Run for Water Assembly. Miss Meagan told us that many villages do not have clean water. In fact, children have to walk up to 15 km to get water each day, and this water is dirty and often makes people very sick. This means that children cannot go to school regularly because they are either too busy walking to get water or they are sick from the actual water they are drinking.

We also learned that Letisha Reimer began running for water in grade 5, much like some of our very own students. Sadly, she lost her life on Nov.1, 2016. In honour of her legacy, her family is partnering with Run for Water to raise funds to bring clean water and education to the communities of Dengali and Fresalam, Ethiopia. The well to be built will be called "Letisha's well".

A donation of $50 can bring one person fresh water for life! I am so proud of our school community for what they have done in the past for this event and for what they will accomplish this year - in honour of Letisha. Let's all do our best to support this effort. We are having spirit days this month specifically to raise money for Run for Water. We hope you can participate. Many students are participating in the Run for Water Marathon on Sunday, May 28th. Some of them are seen in the attached photo.

A big thank you to Mrs. Jury, Mrs. Campbell, Mr. Poehkle, and Mrs. Grant for supporting the children in this worthy cause!