Indigenous Room set up Godson Elementary Indigenous Room

Embedding Indigenous Culture in our school

June 20, 2023

As a school, Godson has collectively invested in embedding Indigenous culture throughout our programming. In addition, we are fortunate to have a cultural Indigenous Support Worker, Chandra Antone, who maintains her steadfast devotion to bettering the school culture and celebrating Indigenous ways of life, culture, and knowledge.

Indigenous arts, drumming, and recognition are found throughout each day in several classrooms, whereby Ms. Antone leads whole class drumming, singing, Coast Salish weaving and other crafts. Indigenous art is also displayed in the Indigenous room, main office, and hallways. We proudly display a magnificent carving completed by her late brother, one of the last pieces of work he produced.

In addition to weaving Indigenous culture into school programming, our monthly assemblies begin with traditional Indigenous drumming and singing led by Ms. Antone. The honouring song reflects the spiritual gathering of a community and symbolizes the importance of peace and the value of one another. At each assembly, we have had much positive feedback from both students and their families around the significance and impact of incorporating and spotlighting our Indigenous roots. Congruently, they conclude with a song that promotes moving the community forward with the new knowledge gained from the gathering (assemblies). 

Although we have further work to do regarding including Indigenous culture in our school, our ISWs’ celebrations and embedded culture move Godson forward and continue striving for truth, healing and reconciliation.

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